Endpoints on your side

The data you push to our API endpoints is static and it takes a few hours until updates are reflected on Holidu. To prevent double bookings or a bad user experience, Holidu therefore needs to perform real-time requests to your system before placing bookings.

It is crucial that those endpoints always respond with the correct information in a timely manner. The SLAs and expected behavior you can find in the description of the corresponding request types.

Currently, Holidu requires:

Real-time availability request

Once a customer decided on a property, we are checking in this request if the property is still available based on arrival and departure date.

Booking notification request

If the customer wants to book the property, we are collecting all required information and sending everything in a booking notification to place the booking in your system. We require a confirmation to also confirm the booking to the customer.

Cancellation notification (for Holidu Payments, coming soon for partner Payments integrations)

When a customer cancels a booking via his personal page in Holidu, we notify you about the cancellation and the cancellation fee you can charge from the guest.