To connect to Holidu through the connectivity API you need to fullfill all of the following requirements:

  • All properties need to be instant bookable on Holidu meaning a confirmation needs to be send out immediately after a booking to the customer
  • All prices and availabilities need to be known upfront, so Holidu can calculate them and show them correct to the customer
  • The availability of all extra services needs to be known upfront and the information pushed to the static data
  • Data quality standards - every property needs to have good photos, a description at least in english and the basic facilities
  • Apartments need to be deletable as soon as they are disabled on your side
  • You need to be able to respond to an availability request within 5s and to a booking request within 20s
  • If the rate of not accepted bookings goes above 2%, Holidu may pause the connection until the issues are resolved
  • If we see errors (non 200 http statuses) on a regular basis while you push data to the Holidu API endpoints, Holidu may need to pause the connection until the issues are resolved - this is because we might be missing important data for instance about availability, prices etc.