Required Steps to implement Holidu Payment


  • Cancellation endpoint on partner side: The Cancellation Notification must trigger an immediate cancellation of the Holidu Payment booking in partner system (documentation).
  • Holidu Payment partners must not be able to cancel Holidu Payment bookings in partners' systems, as this will not trigger a cancellation of the booking on Holidu. This functionality must therefore be blocked for Holidu Payment bookings (recognizable in the booking notification by the parameter “paymentHandler”: “HOLIDU”). Why? Because the complete guest processing of a Holidu Payment booking lies with Holidu.
    It is therefore also recommended to include a note partners' systems stating that Holidu Payment bookings can only be canceled by Holidu.
  • For Holidu Payment bookings please do not push updates or cancelations to our endpoints ( update bookings see here and cancel bookings see here )
  • Cancellation policies need to be pushed on apartment level.
  • Also for cancellation policies set, it is necessary that you set 100% cancellation fee at least for the check-in date. Until 1 day before checkin date cancellation fee can be any percentage (from 0 to 100%).
  • The partner’s booking confirmation to the guest must not contain payment request to the guest (as payment happens via Holidu).
  • Payment Schedule Endpoint: Data will be ignored as we will adjust the payment rates based on your selected cancellation policy.
  • Currency in LOS or Rates data needs to be sent EUR, partners' bank accounts need to be in EUR, as we pay out in EUR.
  • Any extraCost that is refundable (deposit) must always be paid on site.