Price and availability

Give us your numbers

In the Holidu API you need to provide all availabilities and all prices upfront so that Holidu can calculate the prices. Prices are always calculated based on the number of guests and the number of nights a customer booked.

There is no distinction in the calculation between adults and children, they all count to the number of persons. Babies below 3 years (until the 3rd birthday) are considered to be always for free in the base price calculation. You may apply an extra cost for instance for a baby cot, high chair or similar.

There are two options to push us the base rate (meaning the price for the apartment rent excluding any extra costs) and the availability data: The length of stay (LOS) model and the availability & rates model.

We always recommend using the LOS model since the availability and rates model will be deprecated in future versions.

Length of stay versus rate plans

LOSRate plans
The easiest and most flexible way of providing the prices for your properties is to push the length of stay rates. When daily rates are strongly dependent on the length of the stay, we can not guarantee using rateplans will work for you.Rate plans should only to be used if you have a really easy pricing structure. Meaning the pricing is not dependent on the length of the stay and the same amount in charged every day.

How to use LOS you can find in the Length of stay section. When in doubt how and if you can adapt your model to the Holidu LOS model, reach out to your Technical Account Manager, who will be happy to help you.

Extras costs

Travelers are highly price sensitive. They do not just care how much they have to pay, but also for what. By offering additional extras already in the booking process, you can further increase the attractiveness of the offer.


Make your offers more attractive by offering early bird or last minute discounts.

It is crucial to keep the pricing and availability information in sync with your system and accurate

Holidu is calculating the prices and showing it to the customer. Any difference to the prices in your system can lead to a huge customer frustration, failed or cancelled bookings and will therefor not be tolerated.