Real time availability request

Availability Request

This is a GET request that we will send to know whether the property is available or not. It contains the following parameters:

providerApartmentIdStringApartment ID in your system
arrivalLocalDate: YYYY-MM-DDDate the customer wants to check-in
departureLocalDate: YYYY-MM-DDDate the customer wants to check-out
providerStringAn identifier in our system
personsIntegerAmount of persons

You can provide any endpoint URL you like. The parameters will always be added in the following way.



In this example, ← this will be the configurable part of the URL that you can provide us with.

The rest of the URL ?providerApartmentId=123abc&arrival=2020-12-23&departure=2020-12-30&persons=123&provider=XYZ will always have this fixed format.


You should respond to the AvailabilityRequest with the following HTTP status codes:

HTTP status codeMeaningImpact
200OK, apartment available for those datesThe apartment is shown as available
404Not found, the apartment requested does not exist or is deactivatedThe property will be immediately deactivated on Holidu
409Conflict, the apartment is not availableThe apartment is shown as not available
5xxServer errorIf this error happens often in a row, we will pause your connection until it is resolved


Please make sure to use the right status codes

Please make sure to only respond with a status code of 200 if the apartment is available. Independent on any error message it will be shown as available.

Please make sure to keep the response time ideally under 2s in order to prevent timeouts.


For security measures we recommend you to whitelist our IPs so that we can only do requests to you from the following IPs: