Extra Costs

Prices shown on holidu are also influenced by extra costs. You can send them either in the apartment endpoint or use the separate extra costs endpoint

Here are some useful information on how to send us extra costs for them to be displayed properly on Holidu:

The "typeOfExtraCost": "TAX" should only be used for "visitor’s tax / tourist tax"
To make our offers comparable, we always exclude the visitors tax from the total price (although it is mandatory) and show it on a separate section on the page. All extra costs with this category should be set as isMandatory: true.

Make sure boolean fields are set to either "true" or "false" and are never null
Most fields are treated as false if you provide not information, but to be sure that is intendent, please always set them active to false.

Use "isMandatory":true only if the price has to be paid by any customer independent of usage
All extraCosts that are sent to us as isMandatory:true are automatic added to the total price (except for TAX).

Every usage based price should be sent as "isMandatory":false
Usage based cost like electricity, water, etc. should be always send as "isMandatory":false, although the customer has to pay something in the end. If the price is fixed and has always to be paid, you can send it as "isMandatory":true

It is possible to set your extra costs based on the length of stay

For example it is possible to only charge for cleaning if the customer stays 1-7 days, and after that it is for free (or cheaper, or more expensive). To specify these rules, it is needed to use the fields :

  • "fromStayLengthInDays": 1,
  • "toStayLengthInDays": 7
    Please note that the days are inclusive, and these relate to the number of days (and not of nights).