Update bookings

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Bookings basics

  • Only the base financial informations can be changed for existing bookings
  • The booking update is asyncronous, so the changes are not visible immediately and can fail in the downstream systems
  • You only need to push an update if the booking gets changed on your side
  • If you use Holiday Payments, you do not need this endpoint, since the guest will directly approach Holidu Customer Happiness Team, which will then update you on the booking status.

Sometimes plans of travellers change, they might want to bring an extra guest, change the travel dates or even the apartment.

In order for Holidu to send you the correct invoice, you are asked to push us updates for those changes immediately with the query param in the endpoint being the id of the booking in your system, so we can update the according booking on our side.

providerApartmentIdstringYesthe id of the apartment in your system. Same as the id you pushed throught the apartment endpoint
arrivaldateYesThe arrival day of the traveller
departuredateYesThe departure date of the traveller
bareRentalPriceObjectYesThe cost object on which Holidu receives commission
bareRentalPrice.amountnumberYesThe amount on which Holidu receives commission
bareRentalPrice.currencystringYesThe currency of the amount
numberOfGuestsint32The number of guest present in the booking


     "providerApartmentId": "123456",
     "arrival": "2020-10-20",
     "departure": "2020-10-30",
     "bareRentalPrice": {
          "amount": 100,
          "currency": "EUR"
     "numberOfGuests": 2


Only update booking for relevant changes

You only need to push updates to Holidu if some of the for Holidu relevant fields change and not if the traveller wants to e.g. bring an additional pet or book another optional extra.