Time to tell us more about your properties!


Description basics

  • The descriptions should be sent at least in English so we can translate them to other languages (if the descriptions are sent in e.g. Italian, then the listing will only be available in the Italian domain, if sent in English then we will translate them to all the languages we have available)
  • To update the descriptions you need to PUSH the entire descriptions object. Updates for single fields are not possible, otherwise the data will be overwritten.
languagestringYESHere you define the language in which you are sending the description. The following are the languages supported on Holidu:

- de, dk, en, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, gr
descriptionstringYESHere you will be able to send the description of the property. The partners will be able to highlight their surroundings and activities as well as the uniqueness or extras of the properties.

- min 400 characters
- max 2k characters
- include info about the neighbourhood and property
titlestringThis value will be used to name the property on the Holidu website. Ideally, these should not be too long, otherwise, it will not be good for the user experience.

- max 255 characters
- min 3 characters
- should not be with all letters in uppercase


    "language": "de",
    "description": "Die Appartamenti La Grotta befinden sich im historischen Zentrum von Bardolino...",
    "title": "La Grotta"
    "language": "en",
    "description": "The apartment la Grotta is located in the historic center of Bardolino..",
    "title": "La Grotta"
    "language": "es",
    "description": "El apartamento la Grotta está situado en el centro histórico de Bardolino..",
    "title": "La Grotta"