Show us your property!


Photos basics

  • For a property to go live it should have min 5 photos. We highly recommend to have at least 10 photos for a better performance.
  • To update a photo, please push it with a different url, only then it will be recognized as a new photo and then it will be updated. To do so, you can include a param + the timestamp of when the photo was updated to the URL.
  • To update or delete photos, please repush the entire list of current photo objects.
  • When pushing photos to our photos endpoint, it is important to include a filter to eliminate duplicate URLs. Duplicate URLs within a photo push request will lead to a failure of the entire request. Therefore, ensuring that each URL is unique helps maintain the integrity of the photo push process and prevents potential issues with data ingestion.

Ideally the photos should have a size of 2MB. To make sure everything runs smoothly, they should not be larger than 8MB.

urlstringYESPhoto URL

- ideal resolution 2048x1536 pixels
- min resolution 1024x683 pixels
- ideal size: 2MB, no larger than 8MB
- orientation: landscape
- formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
- no photo duplications
positionint32YESPosition of the photo to be shown to the potential guest


          "url": "http://url/of/your/picture.jpg",
          "position": 1
          "url": "http://url/of/your/picture/2.jpg",
          "position": 2
          "url": "http://url/of/your/picture/3.jpg",
          "position": 3
          "url": "http://url/of/your/picture/4.jpg",
          "position": 4
          "url": "http://url/of/your/picture/5.jpg",
          "position": 5