You can use the discount endpoint to set discounts in cases for an early or last minute booking individual per apartment. There is no possibility to push discounts for all of your properties at the same time, you will always need to do it individual.

You can set as many discounts per apartment as you want but you need to make sure that you give them all an individual externalId, otherwise it will overwrite the discounts.

It is not intended to work for giving discounts for e.g. a longer stay, since you can provide this price information in the rate plans. In the discount you can set the discount percentage (how much the price will be reduced) and the requirements for the discounts. Requirments can be:

  • days before booking higher than/less than x days
  • the stay has in addition to be longer than x
"id": 0, 
"status": "ACTIVE",
"externalId": "DI-1234", 
"name": "Pre Season Discount", 
"discountType": "EARLY_BIRD", 
"discountPercent": 12, 
"daysBeforeCheckIn": 60, 
"minStay": 5, 
"minStayRequired": true 


The discount will stay active until you deactivate or delete it by pushing it with the same "externalId", but with the "status" either set to "INACTIVE" (in case you want to reuse it) or "DELETED" (in case you don't want to reuse it).

You can always check for active discounts using the GET Discounts endpoint.