Best practices

Here are the typical steps you will need to go through to be live on Holidu through our API. Your overall aim is to map your data to our API’s data structure so that we can display the correct information regarding your properties to the customers.

Make sure you fit the requirements

Min data requirements, everything instant bookable, price and availability upfront
You are able to explore all models, endpoints and the documentation without credentials

Connect to our sandbox

After a kickoff call with one of our Technical Account Managers you will get credentials for our sandbox environment. We expect you to push valid data to all endpoints without errors.

Implement availability, booking and cancellation endpoint on your side

Once you pushed all static data, you need to implement the availability, booking and cancellation endpoints.

Go through the basic verification

In this phase we are testing your basic data

  • do you have any errors in your pushs
  • do your endpoints behave as expected and respond with the correct error messages
    Your Technical Account Manager will help you finalizing this part

Integration to our production api

Once everything is looking good in the sandbox, you will get credentials to our production api. Here you can now start pushing real data, the behaviour matches exactly our sandbox.

Go through the final verification

Similar to the first certification, a TAM will make sure everything behaves as expected.
In this part of the certification is a stronger focus on the end to end testing, placing a real booking in your system, checking your emails to the customer, etc.

Going life

If this step is done, congratulations, you are ready to go live on Holidu.
In the first time after you went live your Technical Account Manager will closely monitor all kpis of your integration and will let you know in case they see something suspicious.

Don't forget to watch our changelog for updates, we are working on improving the API constantly.