Apartment activation & deactivation

Keep the control

Apartments are inactive when they are created. Once you provided all data for an apartment, the apartment needs to be activated through activation endpoint to be visible on Holidu.

If an apartment is no longer available to be booked on your side, your are responsible for deactivating these apartments through the deactivation endpoint. Not deactivated apartments are a main reason for failed availability request, leading to a bad user experience and therefor to a bad rating of your overall connection on Holidu.

If an apartment is blocked because the calendar is closed, please deactivate the apartment and not just remove all availabilities for this apartment. Removing all availabilities will also make the apartment not bookable anymore, but it is considered an error on Holidu and may hide real problems there may be with one of your apartments.


Inactive apartments will no longer be deleted

In the past, Holidu deleted apartments automatically for which we did not receive any update in the last 14 days. With the new api, the deactivation responsibility lies completely on the integrator, Holidu will not automaticly deactivate aparments.