Here is where the journey begins!

The Holidu API allows you to create and synchronise your listings in an easy way. You are now able to update only parts of the listing in case it changes on your side, e.g. you can update only the photos without having to send all the data relevant to that property.

These are all the endpoints that you have to call to create and update your listings:


This is the first step you need to follow to create your listing, it is very important that you integrate this call first before pushing any further data points. The data you send here is crucial to avoid misunderstandings with the guests.

This object contains the core apartment data, and is defined by the following parameters:

  • The latitude and longitude
  • The name, address, country, city, zip code
  • The contact details of the homeowner
  • The capacity rules, apartment type, characteristics (size, year of construction)
  • Check in/out times
  • The license number, in case it is needed (depending on the region)

You can find more details in the Apartments section.


The descriptions should be at least sent in English so we can translate them into all the different languages supported by Holidu. If you sent the descriptions in e.g. Spanish, then the properties will only be visible on the Spanish domain

More details and recommendations: Descriptions


We are certain that up until this point you know how important are good quality images. The better the pictures, the more attractive will be your listings to the guests. For that, we collected a set of good practices that you can follow. You can find more details in the Photos section.


This is perhaps one of the key elements of a listing. We offer a wide range of filters based on the facilities offered by our partners, which all the guests are using more and more to make a final decision. Make sure you follow our advice on this topic as well as follow the rules to make the best out of your listings in the Facilities section.


When in doubt... a review can leverage or discourage the final decision of a guest to book a property. At Holidu we offer a wide range of possibilities for you to share your reviews. Robust reviews, with more details and information such as guests-name, descriptions, etc generate more trust and can definitely increase the conversion of your listings. Check out our Reviews section for more details.

Activation and deactivation of an apartment

All the listings will be initially deactivated and not visible on Holidu by default.

To activate them, you need to use our activation endpoint.

You have to follow the same process to deactivate a listing.

Check out more in the Activation and deactivation section.