Getting Started with Holidu Developer Hub

This page will help you get started with Holidu Developer Hub.

Here are the typical steps you will need to go through to be live on Holidu through our API. Your overall aim is to map your data to our API’s data structure so that we can display the correct information regarding your properties to the customers.

1. Discover our API and its endpoints through our test API

Please read the Quick start guide
Access our API in the API-Reference
You may discover all endpoints (apartments, rates, availabilities, etc.) and their fields.
For each endpoint, there is an example and a model. The model describes each field and its expected values.

2. Log responded errors and fix them

We send a response for each request you send to the API. Please log the errors and fix them.
This stage will end once you don’t get any errors anymore when pushing data.

3. Push data to the live API

Once you don’t get errors anymore, please inform us by email. We will give you access to the live API.
You now need to switch to the live API and push real properties there. To do so: use the live API URL instead of the test API URL.

push "real" apartment data. Avoid pushing empty or null (0) values, as this will block our indexation processes and will prevent the property from getting "live", and thus, testable. 

4. Schedule a regular and automatic push of data

Schedule a process to push data regularly to all endpoints of the API. Especially the availabilities should be pushed at least once a day. If you don't update the availabilities of an apartment within 10 days, it will be removed automatically from holidu.

5. Implement availability and booking endpoint

If you want to be onsite booking on Holidu, you have to implement the booking and availability endpoints. You can find more information here.

6. Certification

Once we get all your data through the live API, we test your apartments in a closed environment. Once everything is correct, we will bring you "live".

7. Go live with close monitoring

Once we get and display correct and consistent data from you, we are ready to put you live

8. Start sending us updates for all booking

:tada: Congrats, you made it! You are "live" on Holidu. Please don't forget to send us updates for all bookings you received through Holidu.