In the API reference section of the developer hub, you can find all endpoints the Holidu API offers.

Holidu will provide you with an api key that you need to verify all your calls. You can also use this api key in the reference section (1) and test all calls in real time.

You will get two api keys, one for the sandbox environment and one for the live environment. You can decide yourself in which environment you want to act (2). But be aware that testing in the live environment has an impact on production data.

We prepared for each endpoint an example request to get you started faster (3). To make them work for you, you still need to adjust parameters for the provider identifier, to match it yours. You can also change all other parameters yourself.

With the try it out (4), you can see in real time how the API reacts.

Have fun exploring our API!


If you use the live environment, you will make changes on live data, so use this cautiously.


When your integration is not active yet, you can push your data to the live endpoint without the properties being shown in public. Holidu will make the final testing only on data pushed to the live endpoint.