Update schedule

It is crucial for the performance to always have the most recent data on Holidu.

This is especially true for availabilities since they change quite often.

We therefore recommend different update schedules for the different endpoints. These are all recommendations, but please note that if you don't provide updates for an apartments - either availabilities or the apartment itself - within 14 days, Holidu will mark the apartments as deleted and remove them from our website.


Automatic Process to Delete Properties Without Update

If we do not receive any update for a property for more than 14 days, we will consider the property as "dead" and stop displaying it on Holidu to avoid displaying outdated data. This means that you need to target at least one endpoint for each of your properties every 14 days.

Endpoint Recommended interval
Apartment (and related) Only provide updates if something changed for the apartment, e.g. either you got more reviews, want to set the apartment as inactive, have more picture etc.
Availability/LOS As soon as something changed (booking, cancellation) and at least once a week even if nothing has changed to make sure we have always the most up to date data and don't delete the apartment because of inactivity.
Discounts Only necessary if something has been changed
Rates Only necessary if something has been changed


If you want to remove an apartment from Holidu please use the delete endpoint. This way we will remove it immediately. If you just stop pushing this apartment it will stay online for at least 10 days and can harm your performance.