Requirements for onsite booking

The requirements for the onsite booking require also all steps that are required for redirection, with some additional work needed. Please also verify with your account manager that your are suitable for the onsite booking integration. If you don’t know who is your account manager please contact: [email protected]

In order to use the onsite booking you need to implement two endpoints, the availability endpoint and the booking endpoint. We have high requirements on the data quality and on the data accuracy. You also need to have a high standard in your customer service so we are sure, the booking of the customer is handled accurate and in a decent amount of time.

You have to update the prices and availability as soon as it changes on your site (e.g. a booking is made), since it is the only price the user sees during his booking process.
You need to make sure that the booking we send you reaches you and is handled within the next 24h. That means at least a confirmation is send to the customer, an automatic confirmation is preferred.
You need to handle the payment with the customer and make sure he is informed about the next steps at all time.