Price: LOS (length of stay)


There are two different ways of providing the prices for an apartment. One is providing us with the daily rates, the other is using LOS (length of stay rates).

Be aware that if you choose LOS we will not consider data sent to the endpoints RATES and AVAILABILITIES

The easiest and most flexible way of providing the prices for your properties is to push the length of stay rates (LOS).

You can directly give us the price for every possible length of stay (up to 62 nights) and occupancy (up to the max persons of the property), given a possible check-in date. In this way, we get the correct price from you and also we will avoid further calculation processes to compute the accurate final price of a stay. Besides this, by using the LOS you can let us know if a property is or is not available (hence you won’t use the AVAILABILITY endpoint).


How does it work?

  • Each entry must have:
    • the check-in date (format YYYY-MM-DD)
    • the currency
    • the max amount of guests for which the rates are applicable followed by a value set for every possible length of stay for the given check-in day.
    • A value of 0 means that it is not possible to check out at this length.
    • You can provide the prices for up to a length of 60 days.
    • If you push less than 60 values, every missing value is considered as 0 and therefore not available.