Extra cost for onsite booking

If you are onsite bookable on holidu, you have some options on how to handle your extra costs. In general, there are 3 different options:

  • Mandatory extra costs
  • Optional bookable services
  • Costs based on usage

Mandatory extra costs

All costs that are send as "isMandatory": true will be added to the rental price and shown in the price calculation (on the right). Also costs that are send as mandatory with a price of 0 will also be shown there.

Optional bookable services

All costs that are send as "isMandatory": false and "isSelectable": true will be shown in the section with the "Bookable options" (on the left). Only from the user selected options will be added to the price and send in the booking notification. If you provide a serviceId with the extraCosts, we will send the selected extraCosts with this serviceId.


Everything that is send as "isMandatory": true will never be selectable, even if you push it as selectable:true.

Currently we only support selected/unselected and not selecting a specific amount.

Cost based on usage

Every cost that is "isMandatory":false and "isSelectable": false will be shown as usage based. On usage based cost would be for example electricity or water based on consumption.

Special case: Category TAX

Tourist tax, if marked as TAX, will always be displayed under "Additional costs on spot".

Payment time

The "payOnSite": field does not influence the way a extraCost will be displayed, but it will change the payment rates. If it is set to true, the extra costs will be excluded from the payment rates and set to pay on site, independent on the extraCost type.


Usage based costs are always to be paid "On site", independent on what you push.