You will use the Holidu AVAILABILITY endpoint only if you decided to use the RATES endpoint to send the prices, instead of the LOS one.


How does it work?

All days are considered "unknown" and will be shown as unavailable on our site unless you push them as available through this endpoint (see the example on the right side).

It is key to have this information up to date to avoid a bad user experience since we don’t make live requests to get the availabilities.

To update availabilities, you can just mark single days as available or unavailable, every push is just an update.

  "provider": "BOOKINGCOM",
  "providerApartmentId": 314159265,
  "availability": {
    "availableDays": [
    "bookedDays": [

How often you should send the availability data? → please refer to the page Update schedule


Only if a day is sent as available AND its price is defined in the rate plans, then it will be shown as bookable on Holidu.