Apartment information

All relevant static information about an apartment can be sent through the apartment endpoint. You can find examples and descriptions of the fields at the documentation of the endpoint on the api page.

There is also the possibility to push some information on separate endpoints. In case you push it separately, please make sure that you push always the apartment first and make sure it is fully processed, otherwise you will get an error message that the apartment you want to update was not found.

  "holiduApartmentId": 0,
  "providerApartmentId": 123456,
  "providerApartmentGroupId": "house-123",
  "duplicateFrom": {
    "provider": "HRS",
    "duplicatedApartmentId": 123654
  "provider": "BOOKINGCOM",
  "lat": 50.9293009,
  "lng": 5.9779776,
  "country": "Germany",
  "city": "Munich",
  "street": "Karlstrasse 66",
  "postCode": 76133,
  "maxPersons": 4,
  "numberOfBedrooms": 2,
  "numberOfLivingrooms": 1,
  "numberOfBathrooms": 2,
  "generalMinimumStay": 3,
  "generalMinPrice": {
    "amount": 80,
    "currency": "EUR"
  "sizeInSqm": 100,
  "active": true,
  "entireProperty": true,
  "instantBookable": true,
  "isBookableOnHolidu": true,
  "privateApartment": true,
  "apartmentType": "VILLA",
  "localizations": [
      "arrivalInstructions": "Die Appartamenti La Grotta könne mit dem Zug über ...",
      "description": "Die Appartamenti La Grotta befinden sich im historischen Zentrum von Bardolino...",
      "language": "AT",
      "outsideDescription": "Laut unabhängiger Gästebewertungen ist das der beliebteste Teil von Bardolino.",
      "title": "La Grotta",
      "url": "http://www.your-domain-here.com/lombardia/cabiate/b-b-the-compass-test-1654303"
  "facilities": [
      "facilityCharacteristic": "POOL",
      "name": "Pool",
      "language": "EN",
      "maxAmount": 1,
      "privateUsage": true,
      "mandatory": false,
      "inclusive": true,
      "reference": "PER_DAY",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "cost": 20,
      "location": "IN_APARTMENT",
      "onDemand": true,
      "roomId": "Any string",
      "roomType": "BED_ROOM"
  "contactName": "John Doe",
  "contactPhone": 123456789,
  "contactEmail": "[email protected]",
  "contactDaysBeforeArrival": 1,
  "name": "Villa Munich Center",
  "checkInFrom": "12:00",
  "checkInTo": "16:00",
  "checkOutUntil": "11:00",
  "apartmentScore": 50,
  "storey": 1,
  "sizeOfPlot": 140.5,
  "buildYear": 2001,
  "modernizedYear": 2007,
  "license": 1231882,
  "photos": [
      "url": "http://r-ec.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max500/149/14959242.jpg",
      "position": 1,
      "holiduPhotoId": 0,
      "localizedTitles": [
          "language": "DE",
          "title": "See"
      "holiduName": 0,
      "type": "MAIN_IMAGE"
  "extraCosts": [
      "typeOfExtraCost": "LINEN",
      "costsApplicableType": "PER_PERSON_PER_WEEK",
      "name": "Bed linen",
      "description": "Double bed linen",
      "price": 10,
      "currency": "EUR",
      "isMandatory": true,
      "payOnSite": true,
      "onlyApplicableFrom": "2020-08-01",
      "onlyApplicableUntil": "2021-04-30",
      "isSelectable": true,
      "serviceId": "12xy",
      "fromStayLengthInDays": 1,
      "toStayLengthInDays": 7
  "customerReviews": [
      "customerName": "John",
      "title": "Beautiful stay",
      "country": "DE",
      "travelDate": "2017-07-31",
      "reviewDate": "2017-08-12 22:17:31",
      "globalRating": 90,
      "location": 90,
      "localService": 95,
      "furnishings": 85,
      "cleanliness": 70,
      "valueForMoney": 100,
      "beach": 85,
      "accommodation": 80,
      "host": 100,
      "language": "EN",
      "text": "Great stay, very well located apartment...",
      "positiveText": "Wonderful accommodation with great services",
      "negativeText": "Location far from city center",
      "photoURL": "https://example.url/my-photo.jpg"
  "isTestApartment": true

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